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And so the journey begins…

June 27, 2010

So here it is – my first (long promised) posting on my very own blog. In some ways it’s quite scary to be putting my thoughts out there for all to see – but at the same time it is quite liberating not to be writing for someone else. No-one is paying me for this, and I don’t have to think about someone else’s politics/opinions/instructions. I can be me…

As I begin blogging I thought I would start by writing about different things that matter to me; that way you’ll be able to get to know a bit more about what makes me tick and I’ll be able to feel my way into doing this on safe ground…

Thinking about it, the first blog therefore becomes quite easy to theme. I’m writing this because various people have been telling me that I should be saying what I think, as Julia Neuberger said to me: “it’s time to use your voice”.  So this entry isn’t about voice (that’s what I’ve set the blog up to be), this is about people.

People matter to me. Not just in terms of loved ones, vital those these are to me. For me there is something special, almost sacred, about people. Each of us is unique; each of us has abilities, foibles, potential. Seeing other people achieve does something positive to me; I find watching people become more themselves fascinating, moving, inspiring. I want to be involved in the process.

And that makes me think about myself. I know I can have a tendency to being a hermit; being someone who is naturally shy and much happier behind the scenes than in the limelight can make me awkward in company. But… I know that there are certain people who draw me out of myself. Different people in different ways can help me think outside my box; encourage my creativity; inspire me; set my mind jumping; make me laugh, and cry; challenge my perceptions; catalyse change; give me a kick up the arse. They can do for me what I like to see in others – help me to be more successfully myself. Looking back on my life I can see a lot of these people – some have been part of my life for a long time, others have moved on, a growing number are people I have met relatively recently. I’m not going to name everyone, but a big thank you to you all (writing this blog has inspired me to make sure that you know how much I appreciate you, and I’ll be doing that in various ways over the coming weeks and months).

I will thank two people here. Both I have only met recently, and both through Twitter – Ann Holman (@annhoman) for inspiring me to blog, and Robert Pickstone (@RobertPickstone) for setting the #21day challenge which has given me the added incentive to start – I look forward to seeing where this journey you’ve together helped me to start takes me…

  1. Carole Zorzo permalink

    Excellent inspirational start Chris, will look forward to following, Carole

  2. Fabia Bates permalink

    Well done Chris – it’s great and I’ll look forward to each update. I know I’m starting late but will try and choose my #21day challenge today! x

    • Thanks Fabia. I think the idea of the #21days is great, especially as by having a number of us doing it at the same time means that we can support each other (yet another use for Twitter!) Cx

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