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Previous clients

Volunteer Centre Yate (2010)

  • Provision of training for local voluntary sector and public sector staff in the use of social media

Suffolk Volunteering Network (2010)

  • Support on the development and preparation of business plan

Community Council for Somerset and Community Action (2010)

  • Support for consideration of structure of a merged organisation

Plymouth Music Collective (2009-2010)

  • Capacity building support and management development centred on business planning processes, associated change management and investment/fundraising needs

Your Game (2009)

  • Preparation of business plan

South West Acre Network (2009)

With Red Foundation

  • Conference keynote speech and supporting workshop on an entrepreneurial approach to funding civil society

Dorset County Council (2008-09)

With Red Foundation

  • Review of voluntary and community sector infrastructure within the county on behalf of the County Council, 6 Borough/District Councils and NHS Dorset

Barnet Voluntary Services Council (2008)

With Red Foundation

  • Development of case for funding support of their Volunteer Centre

England Volunteering Development Council North West/Volunteering North West (2008)

With Red Foundation

  • Development and writing of a 3 year volunteering infrastructure strategy

v (2007-2008)

With Red Foundation

  • Development support for 3 potential grant recipients including funding decision recommendation

FFLAG (2007-2008)

With Red Foundation

  • Support for organisation (board, staff and volunteers) during a time of major change, including recommending courses of action for sustainability

Westminster City Partnership (2007-2008)

With Red Foundation

  • Development and drafting of a local 8 year volunteering strategy linked to the community plan

Capacitybuilders (2007)

  • Support for self assessment of 3 local infrastructure consortia

South West Forum/South West Infrastructure Development Partnership (2007)

  • Regional sub sector support needs analysis

Birmingham Voluntary Services Council (2007)

With Red Foundation

  • Support in developing a draft volunteering strategy for the city

National Council for Voluntary Organisations (2007)

  • Preparation of case study on Volunteer Centre modernisation process
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